Thursday, October 23, 2008


TIME SQUARE (JP wanted to go back to Toys R Us)

After eating at Carmine's

In Bryant Park

Eating at TAO

The week of October 15th we took the boys to NYC while I had work and they had a blast! Here are some pictures from that.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Broken Bones, Climbing Boys, Football Games and Fun

Luke after his climb to the top of our magnolia tree
Luke handing off to Brady Logan in their flag football game
My injured ray of sunshine ...John Patrick
Charlie and Kate at USM v Marshall
After the game Saturday, Brady, Luke and JP

We have been so busy this month. It is only the 22nd but it seems like years ago that it was Labor Day! We have been enjoying college football and running around with the boys to their activities. Greg and his friends have been gearing up for the upcoming hunting season. John Patrick broke his left collar bone last week and it has been drama every day with him. He hates his sling and he whines about it all the time. The actual injury doesn't bother him anymore but the doctor said 3 weeks so he must wear the sling for that time. This makes getting ready to do anything a constant battle with him. He is enjoying school and has made alot of good little friends. He is supposed to play soccer but he won't be able to get involved in that til the 2nd week of the season.

Luke is playing flag football and begins soccer this weekend. He is on his team from last falla dn spring in soccer so we are excited to see this little group of guys compete this year!He is growing fast and enjoying all that comes with that. I am posting some pictures and yes they are quite spread out but its been a while. I hope to get better at this blogging going forward.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

College Football is here

John Patrick and Daddy
Dad and Mom
Christy, Jaime, Deidra and Kate
Real excited!
Darren and Charlie
Luke, Rafe, Rook and JP pre-game
Jaime, Kate and Christy towards the end of the game
Kate & Greg
Daddy and Luke watching the game
PawPaw/Daddy and Kate

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A funny JP moment

JP and his VAS -O-LEEN....August 2005
John Patrick was so proud of his accomplishment!
while looking through the Katrina damage pictures I found these pictures of John Patrick from that same week...many of you will remember getting these emailed to you back in 2005. JP was 2 and he got into soem vaseline that his older brother "encouraged" him to "clean" with after they were already put to bed. If I remember correctly Greg heard them talking and at that time their rooms were across the hall from each other. When Greg walked up and opened JP's door this is what he saw. Luke later confessed but I of course took plenty of pictures!

Getting ready....and remembering

My grandmother Byrd's house on Church Street Columbia (AUGUST 2005)
My parents iron fence around perimeter of property (AUGUST 2005)
The yard next to the pool at my parents (AUGUST 2005)

Well, everyone around me thinks I am crazy but I have been preparing for the impending Hurricane Gustav all morning. And, I believe that I have us all ready in case of any horrific storm. We didn't live down here when Katrina hit, however, it affected so many people that we love and care about that I wanted to be ready.

I registered on so that I could receive correct information and I also got our family communication and evacuation plans set. We have out-of state contacts so that we can all communicate if local service is down...thanks Lindley and Gordon!To some it may sound silly but we went hours and in some cases days without talking to people down here. Above are some pictures from my parents the day after was a good reminder for me. I encourage everyone to be ready and if it ends up not even coming close to us..what have you really lost?

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Getting Ready for Football Season

view from our suite at Southern Miss
View from the field
View from inside with the retractable wall up in center

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

First Day of School

Daddy and the boys
Luke outside his classroom
Luke in his desk by Mrs. Anderson's desk!
JP not so sure about "big boy" school at this moment
John Patrick in his chair in Mrs. Newman's room
The boys ready to head to school
Luke Lyon 1st grade
John Patrick Lyon Kindergarten
Walking to school across Lincoln Road
Mom and the boys... notice JP is excited!

Our baby, John Patrick, started "big boy" school today. Finally both boys are at school together. John Patrick has been going to full day school since he was 3 so that was not so surprising. However, watching him get ready in his uniform and go with Luke was different. Greg and I both went in with them this morning. Traffic was insane getting to PCS but when we finally all got there JP got real nervous. He had been so excited all night long. He could hardly go to bed because he was so excited, however, after we took Luke to his 1st grade room ... baby John wasn't so thrilled about going to "big boy" school! We walked him to his class (which is the same as Luke's last year) dropped off his backpack and then he wanted his daddy to hold him before walking in to the room. A little later I was still at the school and saw him walking with his class and he was smiling because he had discovered all his friends were there too! Just everybody was in different classes.

Luke was excited and calmly told me to leave after I walked him to his desk. He wasn't into the picture taking or other 1st day fun!